Something New

When something is new we tend to be excited about it. The only way to keep it exciting is to remember who you are with and why they mean what they mean to you. The look in their eyes, their smile, their touch. Remember what is what.


When you have a big Secret, who do you know you can trust with it? What if it comes out in the open? what if you feel you cannot trust anybody with it?


When is enough enough?? When do we stand up and take charged of ourselves and stop letting people run our lives for us?? When do we get to say what is right and what is wrong for ourselves??

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Life escape ,’:D

Hanging with a feiend and his friends. Its really relaxing. :) its amazing how we lose track of time when we are in the now and having fun. Its an escape from life.

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Damn straight!

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What the hell!?!?! Lol. Jk. Its always fun when you hang out with new friends. Pizza? Movie? Good company? Damn straight!!

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in the hell..?

What the hell???

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Taken with Instagram

Taken with Instagram


I wonder why when people tend to get bored and feel like there is nothing else to do, they want to start drama. Is there nothing better to do?? I mean can’t people pick up a book or something??

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